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A Quick Prayer Request

Those of you with the time and attention to pray, I'd appreciate your prayers as Anne and I consider an offer from a publisher to bring one of my novels out of the home office and into the world.It's an exciting day. I'll report with more details when we have something certain to report. … [Read more...]

Today’s Specials: Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Howl’s Moving Castle; Christian-defamation; pirated DVD reviews

Today's specials:My Reel News at CT Movies focuses on the end of the Disney boycott, but there are a lot of other news links as well. Peter Chattaway takes a look at Mr. and Mrs Smith AND Howl's Moving Castle. Some folks who are fed up with "Christian-defamation" in Hollywood are teaming up with Ted Baehr to try and stop it. When Christians are criticized in Hollywood films, what do you think our primary response should be? To turn defensive and protest? Just curious. (Personally, I … [Read more...]

For those who are still telling me Bono isn’t a Christian…

Recently I spoke in church about the "ministry" of U2 through their music and through their involvement in aid for Africa. Afterward, I heard from someone arguing the same thing I've heard for decades... that Bono may use a lot of religious references, but he's really just a rock star who's sold out for the love of money.Frankly, I'm not very interested in arguments about the state of Bono's soul. That's not my business. But I *am* excited that the biggest rock star in the world uses his … [Read more...]

Indiana Jones, Part 4: Can they? Should they?

They like it! They really like it! reports that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg have both finally agreed upon a new script for a fourth Indiana Jones film... one written by Jeff Nathanson.And that leaves fans with one super-sized question....HOW DO WE STOP THEM?Nathanson wrote the sentimental, uneven, largely forgettable film The Terminal. Oh, yeah... he also wrote Speed 2: Cruise Control and Rush Hour 2. The one genuine feather in his cap is Catch Me If You Can, … [Read more...]

Get ready for the Criterion DVD of "Au Hasard Balthazar"

Robert Bresson's haunting, soulful masterpiece is coming...Have you advance-ordered your copy? I have. This was the best film I saw on the big screen last year, and I've thought about it more than any other film since. … [Read more...]

The gladiator returns to the coliseum…

Paul Giamatti stars in "Gladiator 2: Cinderella Man"I haven't seen Cinderella Man yet, but man, the hype around this movie is building, and the momentum it's gaining looks likely to guarantee it a spot as an Oscar favorite.Think about it: It's the Oscar-winning team of the vastly overrated A Beautiful Mind--Russell Crowe and Ron Howard, together again. But THIS time, Crowe is reprising his role as the Gladiator:a thoughtful family man working hard for a living during tough … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, Bruce Cockburn!

Here's a recommendation for your home stereo, your iPod, or your car stereo today: Bruce Cockburn.Looking Closer salutes one of the most prolific, influential songwriters alive today... on this, today, his 60th birthday . … [Read more...]

David Brooks on Bono, Rick Warren, Chuck Colson, Evangelicals, the “Culture War,” and the War on Poverty

David Brooks hits a home run.Here's an excerpt: … [Read more...]

The Lion, the Witch, and the Musical Merchandising

Somewhere, the real Aslan is feeling betrayed.There are going to be FOUR soundtrack albums for The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.Not two. Not three. But four.(Five is right out.)Can you say "overkill"? If they keep this up, my enthusiasm for this project will sour very quickly. (Thanks to PTC for the alert.)One album will be the real soundtrack.One will be a collection of fun stuff... you know, for kids.One will be a collection of songs by pop and rock … [Read more...]

Shocker! Christian Group Ends Disney Boycott!

from IMDB news, with a few of my own revisions: The Rev. Tim Wildmon announced Tuesday that his American Family Assn. has decided to end its nine-year-old boycott of the Walt Disney Co.Disney employees searching for the "End of Boycott" party were surprised to discover that the most of their coworkers were unaware that their had even been a boycott, and certainly didn't know that one had ended.Wildmon indicated that he was not calling off the boycott because of any fundamental changes … [Read more...]