Josh Hurst’s new DVD column!

Congratulations to my good friend Josh Hurst for starting a new column at Christianity Today Movies, celebrating weekly DVD releases.

Today’s column has me wondering if I can scrape up any extra cash for a couple of exciting new releases… especially the latest Wes Anderson caper.

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  • Evan

    I enjoyed Grimm in spite of its flaws. Gilliam movies have always been about the visuals for me and I feel like the film has enough creative elements and humor to carry itself above all the bad parts.

    The effects were pretty bad though. I can’t tell you how it pained me to see lousy CGI in a Gilliam film. Terry is so good at using practical effects that the bad computer effects just seemed like an easy way out.

    This project existed before Terry Gilliam took it. I think he was so frustrated with all the films he was losing that he just decided to do this project because he knew that a major studio was behind it and he could get it made.

    I still do like the film, but I think that Tideland will be the Gilliam film that is remembered from 2005.

  • Timothy Grant

    Robert Ludlum’s books have always been a guilty pleasure for me ever since I read The Gemini Contenders at age 16. The Bourne trilogy is most likely his “masterwork” if such a word can even be used in reference to Ludlum.

    While the first two films were quite entertaining, that had almost nothing to do with the books, which I always find incredibly frustrating.

    If you think you know the story based on the films, you really need to read the books.

  • Timothy Grant

    I was amused by it for a while, but tired of it.

    So how can a movie you tired of get a “B-” sounds like “C-” material to me!

  • Thom

    I am wondering…did you or CT review the original Ring (I notice you left off the Ring in you list of Krueger’s blunders)?