Just a Few More Days of Waiting Before the Circle Becomes Complete

I have my pass to the sneak preview of Star Wars 3: Revenge of the Sith.

I’m feeling a mix of excitement, dread, and at times a strange indifference. Somehow, I know it’s not going to be all I want it to be. All I ask is that there are some memorably good surprises. And that they don’t leave any confounding continuity errors. And that they let the actors act. And that the dialogue is free of any painfully bad lines. Okay, so now you can see why I’m not terribly optimistic.

Still, I *am* excited that I’ve made it this far without reading any spoiler-laden reviews (I know Kevin Smith has posted one, dagnab him.) So I’m getting close to seeing a Star Wars movie without reading the synopsis or the book first. That’ll make this a unique experience for me, however good or bad it turns out to be.” 

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  • sg

    call me crazy, but i wasn’t really into the buying the new editions with the crappy ol’ movie art. i wanted to go to a used bookstore and find a nice 60s 70s cover.

    my students, on the other hand, seemed to like those movie covers. go figure. kids these days…


  • jasdye

    every time i went to borders, every stinkin’ thing in the tolkien treasury was being pushed and had new artwork.

    although, under confession and threat of punishment, it wasn’t using artwork from the films (with the exception of the trilogy), but it was (meaning the whole canon)influenced by them.

  • Peter T Chattaway

    Tolkien’s works received a similar merch & image overhaul during the release of TLotR’s, right?

    The only “works” I recall getting this treatment were the three books that Jackson turned into three films. But it’s possible I missed something.

  • jasdye

    hey, martin. haven’t seen you in a bit. (my fault.)

    no, i was referring to putting artwork from TL,tW,&tW on all of Lewis’ other works, expounding on Peter’s reply.

    personally, i think it would be funny. but Tolkien’s works received a similar merch & image overhaul during the release of TLotR’s, right?

  • Martin

    There’s a movie of The Great Divorce?

  • jasdye

    or just the jackets?

    hey, do you think they’ll sell copies of The Great Divorce or The Abolition of Man with the movie artwork?

    that’d be awesome!

  • Peter T Chattaway

    You mean, they’re going to put Lion Witch Wardrobe art on the covers for all the books!?

  • Thom

    A friend told me Smith really geeked out. I’d appreciate if you could give a non-spoiler yea or nay after you go to the preview. :)