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Welcome to Looking Closer, where the only cell phone ringing is your own.

  • More people are staying home to watch movies. Are you?

    I’ve gotta admit that, unless the film has a notable cinematographer or an abundance of special effects, I’m more and more inclined to avoid the crowds and watch it on DVD. Who wants to be surrounded by talking, crunching, snoring, restless, smooching masses providing their own commentaries when you could be at home with the option of the filmmaker‘s commentary? And if you need evidence of a literacy problem in America, note how many people can’t read the Turn Off Your Cell Phone messages. If theaters want to be appealing to patrons, they need to make the place more comfortable, they need to pay projectionists enough so they can hire people that know what they’re doing, and they need to enforce more strictly the No Cell Phones rule.

    I once turned and reprimanded a young woman for talking on her cell phone DURING the movie. I said, “Didn’t you read the instructions at the beginning of the film?” She replied, “It said to turn off the ringer on the cell phone. It didn’t say you couldn’t talk on the phone.” Her boyfriend, meanwhile, looked incredibly disinterested in the film… which happened to be Spider-man… on opening day. Twenty minutes into the fast-paced action, I heard him sigh deeply and mutter in complaint, “This is the longest movie.”

    I fear for the future of our nation.

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  • J. Mark Bertrand

    Craig is great in Layer Cake, too. I haven’t cared about James Bond in a long time, but this is an interesting development.

  • Jeffrey Overstreet

    See my reply to your previous inquiry about that on the earlier post…

  • The Cubicle Reverend

    Interesting, I’ll look forward to it.

    By the way, who won the Ben Hur contest?

  • Paul Srch

    I watched The Lord of the Rings on Christmas Eve a few years ago – it was a night out with my wife, during the last year of Seminary. Had a couple of eight or nine year old kids right behind me, kicking my seat the whole time – oh, did I mention this was the midnight showing?

    The ‘money bit’? As the movie ended, one of the kids was overheard to say – loudly – “what a stupid ending to a movie!”

    I’m a pastor – and just about said something I would have regretted. Fortunately, my wife, who’s the brains of the family, stopped my before I wound up on the 10 o’clock news . . .

  • Eriol

    Kiarostami’s workshop could’ve been called “Elevtor ’05”.

  • Gary Scott

    The Cinderella Man article goes back to our earlier discussion. The things that have bothered us run contrary to fundamental truths. The film is well made and entertaining, but leaves us hungry shortly thereafter. It is a film that promises to fill us up, so we are disappointed. Too bad, because there is so much about the film to like…

    By comparison, just saw Batman Begins…WOW!!! Even worth sitting through all the credits, even they end dramatically! Not with a surprise last act or anything like that, just the music and the title appearing. My son and I saw it together while many of the women in our church were away on retreat this weekend. We agreed that this is a big screen movie. We also agreed that we wanted to see it again. Jeffrey’s review outlined things well, but this film had a feeling about it that made it good. Several funny one-liners too. Film does a great job of showing the progression of Bruce Wayne’s attitude about crime fighting.

    Fantastic 4 trailer looked promising and the Dukes of Hazard trailer looked AWEFUL!! Even the trailer was boring, Ha! How often does that happen when cars are racing around and guns are shooting and stuff like that? Sky High looked like it could be fun – super heroes are back, boys and girls, that is for sure!