Many, Many Thanks to Sarah B. and Adam M.!!

Two Looking Closer readers stepped up and showed some especially generous support for the site this month, so I’m sending this little message out to them…

Thank you, Sarah B. and Adam M.!

Their donations will help cover the costs of the Looking Closer site, and contribute toward my ability to cover some additional films and music this year. I’m flattered and deeply grateful.

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  • Andrew Coffin

    I appreciated this review, Jeffrey. Nice job fleshing out both the film’s strengths and weaknesses…

  • mark


    I admire you for digging into this. You need to dig deeper. It isn’t that there are a few fabrications put forth by Clooney. It is about a war of ideals with Morrow on the side of unrestrained communism and McCarthy on the side of Democracy. Whether McCarthy or Morrow were honest, sincere individuals or hypocritical megalomaniacs is immaterial to the war that was taking place and the fact that they were on opposite sides of it.

  • Anders

    I love reading your reviews, Jeffrey. You’re probably up there with Ebert, as one of my favourites to read. You may write a lot, but I love it. I really feel like you are living up to your mandate of “looking closer.” Good job!

  • Bar Bar A

    I just posted a minute ago before I realized you live in Seattle – you’ve probably been to the Damah Film Festival! Please tell me what you thought and if you’ve never heard of it check it out. Do you know Sky D.? Spencer B? Isaac A?