Film Forum is Up… Thanks to Chattaway

Still basking in the greatness of the Glen Workshop. Just had tearful goodbyes with several of the fiction writers with whom I formed strong bonds this week. Things are wrapping up in a hurry now. Sigh. I could live with this community, and it would bear many resemblances to my idea of heaven.

Just another “I can’t quite believe this” moment: As I sit here in the St. John’s library typing this out, the man sitting at the computer right next to me is the acclaimed poet Paul Mariani. Wow.

Here’s a big thank you to Peter T. Chattaway for doing a bang-up job with Christianity Today Movies’ Film Forum column this week. Nice work, Peter. I’m glad to know I’m not missing anything by skipping Stealth, but man… I gotta see Murderball.

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  • Anonymous

    Il Postino (Mi Mancherai)by Josh Groban

  • speckie

    Could someone please tell me who is singing Amica Mia in the trailer of Lady in the Water? Thanks.

  • Neb

    I’m very excited about this. “Mermaid” stories have always had a special fascination for me, ever since seeing “Mr. Peabody’s Mermaid” as a little kid. Shyamalan has not let me down yet.