What if… ?

Hmmm. If they could make Alien Versus Predator

then maybe…

Stay tuned! I’ve seen The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and later this week I’ll see Serenity. I’ll have reviews of both soon, and we’ll see who wins the Celebrity Death Match between two vicious female contortionists!

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  • Jeffrey Overstreet

    It most definitely does qualify as having “legs,” yes.

    Especially now that Jackson has stunned us all by delivering a movie that is entertaining but hard to feel any kind of passion for…

  • Neil E. Das

    $31,837,683 to Kong’s $50 million. Does this qualify for legs? Not being sarcastic here, by the way. Just curious.

  • Chris Durnell

    I don’t think we’ll see all 7 books filmed. Lion remains the most popular and accessible. And Narnia lacks the natural hype machine built around the release of each new book by Rowling.

  • BethR

    Well, I’m going back, and taking my young relatives. OK, it’s not what we hoped it would be, but it still beats 98% of the other movies in the theaters right now.

    I told my (admittedly tiny) congregation yesterday to go see it.

  • Seventh Leper

    I’m hoping it’ll last at least until Christmas! I have family coming into town and that was going to be the family movie to go see. I guess there are worse things, however, than having to go see King Kong. ;)

  • Why

    I just saw the trailer for “The Exorcisim of Emily Rose” and it scared me.

  • Hope McP

    good gracious. be careful what you wish for…