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Specials: A new Narnia story. Plus: Newsweek reviews Narnia! Gresham talks C.S. Lewis. Also: Wilco. Criterion. Jesus movie.

Monday's specials:CHATTAWAY DISCOVERS NEW NARNIA STORY! Yikes! Chattaway has stumbled onto one of the things I've dreaded... the first of the new stories about Narnia, NOT from the mind of C.S. Lewis. Here's the Amazon info page.Speaking of Narnia...NEWSWEEK ENTERS NARNIA The inevitable splashy article that contains enough information to qualify as a review of the movie: Will the movie be too religious for a wide audience? Might it not be religious enough for Lewis's Christian … [Read more...]

There’s still time to win the Elizabethtown soundtrack!

I've received some smashing entries in this contest, but there's still time for you to enter.And remember, more than one entry will be a winner.What am I talking about?The Looking Closer Review Contest. … [Read more...]

Specials: We’ve lost Porkins. Foreign Oscar-hopefuls. Magdelena.

Today's specials:HE STAYED ON TARGET. Star Wars fans, it is a day to mourn. We've lost Porkins. He also had memorable roles in Raiders of the Lost Ark and A River Runs Through It.ONLY ONE FILM PER COUNTRY GETS TO PLAY The annually-screwed Foreign Language Oscar category has named its list of qualifying films for the year. As usual, each country only gets to submit one film for consideration. So, if the ten best films of the year were all made in France, it wouldn't matter... only one … [Read more...]

Specials: Winter Solstice. Undertow. Bortz scratches. Aslan talks. Hobos bite.

I'm back from a bout with the flu, and a couple of days of recovery on beautiful Whidbey Island, surrounded by sun, surf, sand, and DEER... deer everywhere.I wanted to tell you about what I saw last week BEFORE falling ill...I rented two films on DVD that had striking similarities. They were both about men trying to cope with the deaths of their wives while raising two sons.Winter Solstice was one. Wonderful, meditative, beautifully filmed, and relatively overlooked by moviegoers, … [Read more...]

A Loss for Over the Rhine

Today, Linford Detweiler posted some thoughts, with his usual eloquence, about a painful loss for him and for Karin Bergquist.Anyone who's ever loved a pet will understand and sympathize. … [Read more...]

Bono on the Cover of the New Rolling Stone

Thanks to Josh Hurst for bringing THIS to my attention.As is so often the case, Bono gets in some quotable stuff about his faith. Do you pray or have any religious practices?I try to take time out of every day, in prayer and meditation. I feel as at home in a Catholic cathedral as in a revival tent. I also have enormous respect for my friends who are atheists, most of whom are, and the courage it takes not to believe.How big an influence is the Bible on your songwriting? How much do … [Read more...]

Fans of "Sports Night," rejoice!

If I had to choose my all-time favorite television series, "Sports Night" would be on the short list with "Firefly," due to the sensational characters developed by writer Aaron Sorkin. The DVDs are available, and well-worth tracking down, even if you aren't a sports fan.Thus, I cheered when Darren Hughes alerted me to this, a new Sorkin-scripted show that takes place in the same kind of environment as Sports Night... only this time, the characters are the staff and stars of an SNL-like … [Read more...]

At long last, the legendary, hitherto-unseen photo is revealed!

FINALLY the Pope's official photographer reveals the legendary photograph of Pope John Paul II wearing Bono's shades. … [Read more...]

Specials: Aslan & Paganism, Serenity and Government

Today's specials:Peter T. Chattaway has been threatening to write an article about just how much pagan mythology is scattered throughout The Chronicles of Narnia, and I hope he does it. There has been a lot written about why Narnia is "good" and Harry Potter's world is "bad," but the situation isn't nearly that simple. There are so many similarities between the two series, and I think Chattaway's going to highlight that for us one of these days. At least, I hope he does. Someone … [Read more...]

Kathleen Norris Presents: A New Book of Thomas Merton poetry!

One of my favorite writers, Kathleen Norris (Amazing Grace, The Cloister Walk, Dakota), has just completed the preparation of a volume of 119 unreleased poems by another of my favorite writers ... Thomas Merton.This is fantastic news. The Sign of Jonas, Raids on the Unspeakable, New Seeds of Contemplation... Merton's meditative works have become some of my favorite reading over the last few years. Who knew that, so many years since his death, we'd suddenly get a whole new volume of his … [Read more...]