A Loss for Over the Rhine

Today, Linford Detweiler posted some thoughts, with his usual eloquence, about a painful loss for him and for Karin Bergquist.

Anyone who’s ever loved a pet will understand and sympathize.

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  • BethR

    It’s not Keira’s smile, it’s her sweater! I think it’s radioactive!

  • Tom Wilkinson

    All I could think during Pride and Prejudice was how Knightley should someday play a vampire, they wouldn’t even need to give her fangs.

  • Jeffrey Overstreet

    Dude… that was the point. She looks SCARY!

    Personally, I find certain other actresses to be far more appealing… but I don’t need to go there.

  • Savoy6

    Heel with the Keira worship, Rover. Remember the whole purity thing. Plus she looks like a vampire in that shot.

  • TransatlanticGirl

    re: Futurama

    WOOHOOO! That’s probably the best news I’ve heard all day. Now let’s just hope they don’t take as long as that Simpsons movie they’ve been talking about for a decade…

  • Josh Hurst

    Jeffrey, I think “Nanny McFabulous” is the single greatest thing you’ve ever written. Forget about the Auralia book; you have reached your peak here.

  • Why

    I can feel for them. A couple of years ago my family had to put down one of our cats, that day must have been one of the saddest days in our household. So my condolences to Over the Rhine in their time of sorrow.