U2 on Conan O’Brien

I stayed up until the wee hours to see a most bizarre spectacle… U2 on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. While it was far from a total success, the bumpy and embarrassing moments were worth it for the highs, which included performances of “All Because of You,” “Original of the Species,” “Stuck in a Moment,” and “Vertigo” (which was cut off by the network as the show ran out of time… a painful severance indeed.)

More here. And much, much more here.

If you saw it, what’d you think? Did they get your achtung, baby, did they merely rattle and hum, or were they stuck in a moment they’ll never get out of?

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  • Gaffney

    It “opened” in Los Angeles for a limited run (at Grauman’s Chinese) in December, making it eligible for Academy Award consideration.

  • Christian

    Peter, any idea why the link to the box-office numbers mentions that “Hoodwinked” is in WEEK 5 of release? Has it been playing in a limited run?

  • Peter T Chattaway

    FWIW, it’s official now: The #1 movie of the weekend, whether we reckon it by three days or four days, is Glory Road, not Hoodwinked.

    For the three days, they are separated by $1.2 million (and in fact, Hoodwinked comes in third, behind Last Holiday). But for the four days, they are separated by only $48,187!

  • Christian

    Yeah, I know. I wasn’t outraged or anything. I just found it amusing, indicative of the challenges of promoting a company as “family friendly” in the online world.

  • Peter T Chattaway

    That’s because the link is not to Walden Media’s website, but to ComingSoon.net.

  • Christian

    The link for the upcoming Walden project takes me to a press release hyping Allende’s work as, according to Walden Media executive vice president of production Alex Schwartz, “ideally suited to become successful family franchises.” I admire Walden’s intentions, but it’s amusing to see the release supported by on online add for “sexy singles,” featuring two huge breasts.

  • Neil E. Das

    P.S. I just noticed that Todd Edwards is the co-director:


    Congratulations to both of them on their success!

  • Neil E. Das

    Jeffrey, have you seen the movie “Chillicothe?” I believe that that was directed by Cory’s brother Todd, who also is the star. And Cory is in the movie too. Even if it was a low budget production and needed a bit of editing, I appreciated some of its these, particularly how to move out from ennui. Did I just use that word?

  • Thom

    Well, there is no mail and schools are closed.

  • Peter T Chattaway

    Hmmm, well, Hoodwinked might be #1 if you include Monday as part of the weekend (and if the estimates hold). I gather you Americans had a holiday today? Is it one of those don’t-go-to-work statutory holidays like Christmas or New Year’s Day? Or is it more like, say, Father’s Day?

    At any rate, if you look at the Friday to Sunday frame only, Hoodwinked was apparently #3, maybe #2.

    Still, congratulations to Cory indeed for doing remarkably well with a low-budget cartoon in a weekend crowded with new releases!

  • Anonymous

    Bono was a bit hoarse, but it worked anyway and the jokes were funny. I just couldn’t believe they cut off Vertigo!!

  • Eriol

    I had classes this morning, but I stayed up. It was great when they played music, or talked a little. If O’Brien wants U2 again he should rent out an hour of TV and present U2: The Infomercial. During “Vertigo”, was Bono showing off a new vibrato technique or was it merely feedback?

  • Nunzia

    I stayed up all night waiting to see that show. I thought Bono sounded a little hoarse… and the jokes were a little corny, but I was still THRILLED to be watching them… I’d be even more thrilled if it wasn’t through my TV. (a girl can dream!)