A Day of Sad News for Aardman, Humanity.

On the week of their triumphant big screen debut, Wallace and Gromit have lost their home.


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  • St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse

    By all means, when some entity like VV pans a film based on it’s spiritual orthodoxy, I make a mental note to see the film. Who cares what Roger Ebert thinks, I look at who howls loudest about a film to make a judgement about it.

  • The Cubicle Reverend

    I won’t exactly take the Village Voices word on whether this movie will be good or bad, but I do plan on catching it. I am curious to see whether it’s any good or not.

  • Anonymous

    I saw an early screening of this several months ago, and I can guarantee, it was nowhere near what Holcomb paints it to be. Perhaps in the couple months since I’ve seen it they’ve enriched the spiritual material in it, but when I saw it, I was wanting more spiritual content from the story, considering the life of the man in question, Nate Saint. What I saw was cloaked Christianity in a movie that was more about the adventures and horrors of living in the jungles of Equador with a bunch of savage indians.
    In reference to his diatribe against the ‘social’ agenda in the movie, if I might say, I can’t remember, but it seems that regardless, this reviewer had more of a mind for religious bashing, than for objective criticism. it seem
    Sounds like someone who was already bent against any movie that has anything remotely spiritual hinting from the outside edges.
    I actually found the movie to be well done, as compared to the regular Christian fare available at the moment. There was definitely an effort within the team of people creating this movie to bring Christian media to a higher level through this movie. Interestingly, the writer for this movie was also the writer for Luther, another decent religiously bent film.
    My problem with the movie was that at the time that I saw it, it failed to catch my emotional attention, and left me a bit cold. I appreciated it only as much as I appreciate the original story of Nate Saint and John Elliot.
    It will be easier to assess it a week after the movie comes out, and a more objective and rounded viewpoint will hopefully come forth.

  • jasdye

    i just think they named the wrong Jennifer.

    People magazine? respect? they’re in the wrong business. (although it does remind me of that fantastic story in the Onion a couple months ago about People Quarterly, an in-depth and scholarly look at gossip themes.)