Director Michel Gondry’s latest, brilliant music video


When videos as wild as this one actually get produced, and as perfectly as this, well… it should just send other music video directors and bands home with their heads hanging.

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  • Clay

    I always enjoy the CT list. It’s a helpful resource for purchasing DVDs for the family archives of films that we missed during the year. But I’m with Matt on “Millions.” We rented it because of all the superlatives and positive reviews, and we were disappoined. Great cinematography and acting, but the story line and several of the characters really left us cold. Not a bad flick, but certainly not number one of the most redeeming movies of the year! It’s not on our “must buy” list.

  • Christian

    Thanks for the Globe article on Tommy Lee Jones. I meant to mention yesterday over at Arts&Faith that NPR has a piece up on Jones’ film, in which calls the protagonist of his film “a Buddhist in a Calvinist world.” Hmmm… He goes on to mention O’Connor, although I’m not sure if he’s distorting her. He told the Globe he’s well-versed in O’Connor’s work — and I’m not — so I’ll leave it to others to judge. Here’s the NPR link:

  • Matt Page

    Still don’t really get why Millions is at no. 1 – though I can see that it should make the list, but I really don’t get why Pride and Prejudice is even included, let alone no.3