Over the Rhine might get a Grammy nomination!

If you love Over the Rhine (and how could you not?)…

and if you believe in justice…

well, then do what you can to bring them the honor they deserve.

The Grammies are not known for being awarded to the artists that deserve them, but once in a while something goes the way it should. (Bob Dylan, Time Out of Mind. U2, “Beautiful Day.”) Like the Oscars, once in a while something providential occurs, bringing attention, celebration, and blessing to someone devoted to excellence. It looks like that horse called Drunkard’s Prayer just might have a shot this year.

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  • Foolish Knight

    I love it when people think! I hope that, if God ever lets me make movies for a wide audience, there will still be reviewers like Stephen Hunter and Peter Chattaway (and you), carefully working through and weighing themes, ideas and images presented in movies, it’s a blessing for the filmmaker (if the filmmaker’s a worthy one) and society (if it listens).

    Last night one of my friends called Brokeback Mountain “Humpback Mountain”, saying why not, it’s a fag movie! I have to wonder what good comments like these do for the public dialog. Thank you so much for the time and energy you put into what you do, it’s badly needed.

  • Karen

    I’m a fan of OtR too! I’d love to see them get the recognition they deserve!


  • Martin

    On one hand, it’d be nice to see OTR get a Grammy … but “contemporary folk”? A rock/Americana band, ignored in its own category for years, makes an acoustic record and gets nominated in another category? Is that how things ought to be?