Read it and weep: U2 and Arcade Fire onstage together…

Yep, that’s Bono kneeling toward the right, smack in the middle of Arcade Fire.

U2 and Arcade Fire played together last night, performing Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart.”

For those that were there, it must have been Thanksgiving all over again.

For me, Thanksgiving is officially ended, unless someone can find me a recording of this performance.

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  • Cpt Casual-T

    And the night before they had Daniel Lanois on stage to close with “Bad”.

  • Why


  • Anders

    If you do get one Jeffrey, I’d be forever grateful if you forwarded it m y way was well.

  • Beth

    Fear not, most U2 shows are taped and surface within 2 weeks. I’ll try and remember to email you if I see this one anywhere. As you may have heard, Arcade Fire returned U2’s “Wake Up” favor by coming onstage to “Streets.”