Which animated films are competing for Oscar?

Movie City News lists the competitors.

Which film do you think deserves the Oscar? I think I’m leaning toward Wallace and Gromit, even though I prefer the story of Corpse Bride. And Howl’s Moving Castle really is extraordinary to look at, even if it’s not one of Miyazake’s true masterpieces.

“Chicken Little”
“Gulliver’s Travel”

“Howl’s Moving Castle”
“Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride”
“Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit”

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  • Nick

    Another Guess: A Few Good Men?

  • Why

    Maybe Field of Dreams?

  • Nick Alexander

    Pearl Harbor?

  • Peter T Chattaway

    I have yet to see it a second time, but I actually think Wallace & Gromit was a bit of a letdown — certainly not in the same league as the short films it was based on.

    Corpse Bride has its problems, but I really enjoyed its depiction of marriage, so I’m tilting towards that one.

    FWIW, Hoodwinked and Gulliver’s Travel (which doesn’t even seem to be listed at the IMDB) are the only ones on this list that I haven’t seen.

  • Catherine Gaffney

    Keep your eye on HOODWINKED. Directed and written by Cory Edwards. (Friend of ours here in LA!) It will open December 23rd.

  • jasdye

    w&g may get it, although not necessarily deserve it (the movie was a bunch of moving puns. funny and enjoyable, but not much beyond that.) yet to see ‘howl’s moving castle’, but i think it’d be great to get in a Miyazake.

    it’s always just a bit trickier when pixar’s not in the running.