Who should host the Oscars?

Chris Rock won’t be invited back.

Please, let us be spared another round with Whoopi Goldberg.

Crystal’s time is done. When was the last time he turned in a worthwhile performance in a film? And Steve Martin, as much as I love him, is clearly tired of investing in worthwhile comedy, wasting his skills on Cheaper by the Dozen 2.

My dream would be Eddie Izzard, but too few people know who he is.

John Stewart? Steven Colbert? That would be a hoot, but they really aren’t Hollywood personalities.

My vote? Co-hosts Will Ferell and Jack Black.

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  • Magnus

    I’, not sure I ever expected to see the headline “A Good Year for Poetry” anywhere these days.
    My old roommate from Montreal was/is quite a good writer and poet. Jeffrey Mackie is his name.

  • Jeffrey Overstreet

    Ken, to answer your question, here, in NO PARTICULAR ORDER, are some of the poets that Anne and I enjoy and learn from:

    1. Scott Cairns
    2. Jane Hirschfield
    3. Pattiann Rogers
    4. Adam Zagajewski
    5. Robert Hass
    6. e. e. cummings
    7. Gerard Manley Hopkins
    8. W.H. Auden
    9. Stanley Kunitz
    10. William Stafford
    11. Zbignew Herbert

    Others that are always a blessing to me, although their work is harder to find…
    My wife Anne. Seriously.
    Marge Manwaring, a local Seattle poet with a sharp wit.
    Carol Kelley, whose work is characterized by grace and a Southern sort of humor.
    Margaret Smith, who has “eyes to see,” and is deeply influenced by Gerard Manley Hopkins.
    And Luci Shaw, who has the warm and expansive heart of a psalmist.

    I’ll add this as a full post, thanks to your prompting.

  • Ken Haynes


    You are always good at doing top 10 list ….would you have a top 10 list of your favorite poets and ..and works …along with a soundbite summary of “why”?

    Appreciate your blog

  • Remy

    Since you’re passing along poetry suggestions, let me encourage you to get Geri Doran’s “Resin”. It’s fantastic.

    Also Mary Karr’s newest “Sinners Welcome” just came out, which I’ve not yet read, but she’s just returned to the church so it bears reading.

  • The Cubicle Reverend

    Her poetry is quite exceptional, I’ve seen her read of several occassions, though I find her discussions on poetry to be a bit full of it.

  • Anders

    I second Conan to host.

  • The Cubicle Reverend

    Eddie Izzard would be perfect! The executive transvestite!!!

  • Nate

    I think Conan would be great at it. He understands the Hollywood life and knows how to make clever, satirical remarks without being overly controversial. Plus, it’d get him some prime time coverage and publicity before he takes over for Jay in a few years.

    Jack Black would do well, too. I’m not a huge two-host guy, though, so I’d prefer either Black or Ferrell.