Altman wins an Oscar… at last.

What’s your favorite Robert Altman film?

I love Gosford Park. And several others…

He’s been one of the Oscars’ most overlooked talents for decades. At last, he’s getting some credit.

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  • Susan Rose, CSJP

    Gosford Park! I watched that every day for 2 weeks when my mom died. Don’t know why but it was cathartic.

    A favorite film. Glad he’s getting some recognition.

  • Nick

    Can I say that I love what Altman introduced to the medium, (mainly overlapping dialogue) without saying I actually love any of his films?

    Perhaps the closest film of his ouvre that I “love” is “Nashville”… yet even that film has its faults.

  • jasdye


    No, probably Short Cuts.
    I liked G. Park, and it definitely seemed characteristically Altman, but I almost felt like I had to understand that world to enter it.

    Maybe the outside jerk looking and laughing in likes Nashville, but I think I’ll stick w/ Short Cuts because it inspired Magnolia.

  • wngl

    The Long Goodbye is handily my fave.
    MASH is also wonderful.
    Basically if it has Elliot Gould in it…

  • Sara Z.

    There are so many I haven’t seen, but of the ones I have (in no particular order):

    3 Women (so oddly compelling!)
    Short Cuts
    The Player
    Secret Honor

    And I think I liked Cookie’s Fortune, but it’s been awhile.

  • Lon

    I love Robert Altman. I saw The Long Goodbye a few years ago and for some reason it stuck with me. The last scene is so real and not Hollywood at all. It was so refeshing that a private eye movie could end on a note like that. I dont want to ruin the movie for anyone who hasn’t seen it and for those who haven’t you also can’t go wrong with The Player.