Nick wins Half-Shot# 4 Contest.

And the answer is…


Congratulations, Nick Alexander, who was the first to identify the source of these two Half-Shots!

As reward, Nick Alexander has become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Just see for yourself!

Watch for Half-shot Contest #5, coming soon!

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  • Ellen Collison

    Somehow this is reminding me of Spielberg’s bad remake of Peter Pan, with Julia R. as Tinkerbelle… including fart jokes.

  • Adam Walter

    E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web: I’m not a bad Hollywood movie, I’m not a bad Hollywood movie!
    Sir Bedevere: But you’re dressed like one.
    E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web: They dressed me up like this!
    Crowd: We didn’t! We didn’t. . .
    E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web: And this fart gag isn’t mine. It’s not in the book!
    Sir Bedevere: [makes close visual inspection of said fart gag, obviously “tacked on”] Well.
    Peasant: Well, we did do the fart gag.
    Sir Bedevere: The fart gag. . .
    Peasant: And the silly Julia Roberts voice–but she is a bad Hollywood movie!
    Crowd: Yeah! Burn her, burn her!

  • RC

    That’s disappointing about the cow fart blowing templeton off the tracks…

    now babe…i liked that!

    –RC of

  • Kim

    Man. What are kids going to grow up to if all we entertain them with are actors pretending to be dogs, and farts. I’m sad. Probably more sad than that rat was when he fell off the rail.

  • Peter T Chattaway

    Isn’t this film being produced by Walden Media, the same outfit that tarnished The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and looks set to do the same with Bridge to Terabithia?

  • Nick

    LOL! Thanks Jeff for referring folks to my site. I enjoy spirited, intelligent film criticism from an informed Christian perspective, which you, Peter C, Steven G, and many others on the ArtsAndFaith board do on a regular basis. I’ve often been rewarded with a night of wonderful viewing because of this site.

    So, it’s kinda odd that my site (promoting my Catholic-based/”Weird Al”-based musical antics) finally gets a referral here, even tho it’s to winning for a film I’ve yet to see (but I will now make sure to tape it when it hits Turner Classic Movies)…

    Thanks again!

  • Ellen Collison

    Argh! That second half-shot made me think of Coal Miner’s Daugher, believe it or not.

  • Neb

    Whew! Now I can sleep tonight… I don’t feel so bad since I’ve never seen it.