Specials: Helprin’s caution. "Serenity 2"? How "Hoodwinked" Happened. "The White Countess." SNL.

Sunday’s specials:

What a friendly neighborhood I live in! This morning, I’m walking around the streets of Shoreline, Washington, and as I’m waiting at a crosswalk, I see in the window of the house next to me…

…a wooden cross…

… a Bush/Cheney poster…

… a digital-readout message panel that is flashing these words to all who pass by: “Liberals – THE ENEMIES WITHIN”…

… and a security camera, pointing right at me and anyone who happens to walk by and notice the sign. Why? To record our reactions? Will my name go on a list if the sign made me shake my head in dismay?

Hmm. Can you smell the hatred?

On that note…

Mark Helprin, author of A Soldier of the Great War and Winter’s Tale (two of my favorite novels), turns in one of his thought-provoking editorials at the Los Angeles Times.

Is there hope for the Browncoats? The “maybes” cointinue. SciFiWire stokes the fires of hope for Serenity 2.

The Los Angeles Times tells the real story behind the real story of Red Riding Hood.

Adam Walter reviews the last collaboration of Merchant and Ivory.

Johansson’s hosted SNL last night, with Death Cab for Cutie… just so you know, so you can be furious right along with me if you missed it.

Half-Shot Contest #4 seems to be stumping everybody. Have you made your guess? Remember: The film is in color, not black and white. The film is more than 20 years old.

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  • JetPass

    so….did you buy it or not?

  • Magnus

    That truly is a novel idea. I’ve never heard of anything like that.

  • RC

    This got mailed to our college newspaper as a promo. item for the film.

    I also for awhile had an old style tin container for mints that said Gosford Park on it…

    They totally had fun marketing that one.

    (by the way…i linked to your passion post)

    –RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com

  • jasdye

    the road TO mediocrity?

    i’m sure we’re all aware that the only noticeable thing to come out of SNL this year was the white-boy rap of “lazy sunday,” admittedly funny, but mostly from context.

  • CM

    Jeffery, you didn’t miss much on SNL. That show continues to slide down the road to mediocrity with each passing week.

  • jasdye

    ooops. guess i was wrong about that one.

    man, that makes about as many wrongs as a fella can take in an extended weekend. (re: me being a bears fan)

  • Jeffrey Overstreet

    Dude, I *live* in Shoreline. That house is just a few blocks away, I’d just never noticed it before.

  • Eli

    Whoa, the house across the street from the yellow junior football sign? Until I moved into the SPU dorm, I lived half a block away from that house. During the election campaign, the sign was vandalized (huge surprise), only to be replaced. The flashing sign blasted Kerry’s war record and made other one-liners.

    It’s great to hear that you visited Shoreline!

  • Eriol

    I’m guessing that the screen shot is from “Chariots of Fire.”

  • jasdye

    johanssen and dcfc were LAST night.

    no great improvement (sad), mostly musical stuff, although there was a bit on crazy pat robertson during the news show that was pretty funny.

    i’m not sure about this, but that security cam, w/ the bush/cheney, etc., etc., sounded like a lame-o’s art project. maybe it’s just a different type of cynic in me.

  • Anonymous

    Serenity is the key