Specials: Sam Rockwell! Spear-ited debate! EIEIO!

Seattle Seahawk Sunday specials:

If you really want to see what happens when Sam Rockwell puts on a Batman suit, click here, then click on the image from the film. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. (PG-13-level content)

GreenCine Daily rounds up the latest bulletins. Screenwriter Tony Kushner starts it off saying,

In the last month, the co-creators of Munich have been accused of being apologists for the Palestinians, apologists for Israel, defamers of Palestinians and of Israel, softheaded Hollywood liberals, dupes of the radical left, dupes of the radical right, even of being anti-Semitic or self-loathing, for showing Jews talking about receipts and handling money. We’re morally confused, overly complicated, simplistic. We’re cowards who refused to take sides. We took a side but, oops! the wrong side.

What? The actor playing the central missionary in End of the Spear might not be sinless? Holy Ian-McKellan-as-Gandalf, Batman!
I’m late in getting to this, but that might not be such a bad thing, since I can just link to Amy Wellborn’s convenient collection of links about the debate amongst Christians over actor Chad Allen. Read the comments too… they’re the best part.

Kathy Shaidle finds today’s example of New York Times‘ incompetence.

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  • Seventh Leper

    Alt-country singer/songwriter Gillian Welch is currently in the studio hashing out her fourth solo set.

    Fourth? How about fifth?

  • Gene Branaman

    “Gillian Welch and David Rawlings are back in the studio working on a new album.”

    O! Frabjous day! Callou! Callay!

    David Rawlings is one of the finest guitarists around. I’m very excited to heare a new record from these 2! And live shows!

  • jasdye

    to quote C.M. Burns: Excellent.

    though, honestly, i never awaited a Seinfeld, the Movie. maybe they can convince some of the old writers back to help out with this one (brad bird and conan o’brien come immediately to mind.)

    or, it could just be the shark jump to end all shark jumps. (that’s, of course, what i’m afraid of).

  • Justin

    The BBC has had some high-profile embarassments recently as well. Taking anything from the press with a grain of salt (or at least a few other sources) is a good idea, American or not.

    As for End of the Spear, you can’t win with some people. Those who have problems with a gay actor on the movie would have had gone crazy had they known more about who the King James Version of the Bible was named after.

  • jasdye

    …and that foxy and light-hearted news team on channel 32, your station for relevant news.

  • Wasp Jerky

    It’s not just the Times. American news in general, well, pretty much sucks. Thank God for the BBC.