Half-Shot #6 winner – Danny Walter!

Danny Walter is, again, the winner of the Half-Shot contest, correctly identifying this shot as being from Mad Dog and Glory.

And yes, Robert DeNiro is playing a man named Wayne.

So, to continue with this trend, the next half-shot will have something to do with the name DANNY. (But Danny will be disqualified.)

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  • jasdye

    john favreu? the director of Elf? hmmm…

    on the other side (and no, i didn’t read through all 53 comments, i’m sure it was pointed out there), some of us can listen to demanding music as well as fluff. and, i can’t get that silly kelly clarkson song outta my head.

  • RC

    you’re right the cassanova cover is horrible.

  • Matt Page

    I always thought that was a terrible cover for Italian for Beginners as well, such a great film to be spoint by such a lousy cover. Fortunately other ones are available…


  • Anonymous

    Well…where’d you find the DVD cover? The one on the official [http://video.movies.go.com/casanova] DVD website looks legit enough.

  • Nick

    And here I was, trying to figure out a film that entailed Bruce Wayne, John Wayne, Wayne Wang….

    So, the imdB is now gonna be filled with searches with “Danny”, just to get me started: Danny Huston, Danny Aiello, Danny DeVito, Danny (in “the Shining”) and my fave, baddie Danny Trejo…