Half-shot #7 Contest

Since Danny Walter correctly identified the Mad Dog and Glory shot, your hint for this contest is “Danny.”

Which film is this from?

Danny Walter, you’ve won twice! You may not compete this time! Your power is too great!

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  • ramblingsfromthezoo

    I don’t think that was Uhlich’s point really. It’s sort of a funny remark that does hint at the fact that the movie might have been a bit more interesting–not so much if it literally had the approval of the terrorists–if it had added a certain something in content that would have made the movie at least a bit more complex, emotionally and intellectually affecting, and to contain a firmer more elaborate commentary on the situation than just trying to cash in from feelings and opinions we already had to begin with.

    But i guess this type of simpler movies are valid too.

    I just got to say I am enjoying Uhlich a lot, who I just started paying attention to today, he is insightful and clear. I guess though that for many it is easy to overlook the specifics he is talking about reacting to general ideas that result from his comments. But if you pay attention he is not that definitive in his opinions and he supports well his comments within their intent.

  • jack

    Great point. Enjoyed the post.

    Just saw United 93 and was very moved, left speechless. As a movie, it was very well done. Though it’s not for everyone, I didn’t feel it was either too soon or unfair.

  • Nick

    Another Guess: A Few Good Men?

  • Why

    Maybe Field of Dreams?

  • Nick Alexander

    Pearl Harbor?