Half-Shot Contest #6: Your hint… "Wayne"

Since Wayne Proctor won the last Half-Shot Contest, correctly identifying a frame from The Unbearable Lightness of Being, the name “Wayne” is your hint for this frame.

What film is this moment from?

The winner gets to choose the film for the next contest.

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  • jasdye

    what? how are we gonna have thrillers/spy movies/juvenile humor movies anymore?

    where is the entire cast of “another teen movie” or “mission impossible iv: tom’s shooting people from the couch” gonna plant themselves for a convenient break & entry now?

  • Jeffrey Overstreet

    Danny once again wins, figuring it out in just a few minutes.

    Man, he’s good.

  • David Habecker

    Red Rock West?

  • Adam Walter

    Gosh, haven’t seen this since it came out but… Wayne’s World? Seem to remember something about Rob Lowe and a body cavity search.

  • Danny

    Mad Dog and Glory?

  • jasdye

    i’m guessing ‘Batman Begins’ is too obvious a choice.