Is Mel Gibson worried about what critics will think of "Apocalypto"?

“After what I experienced with The Passion … I frankly don’t give a flying f— about much of what they think…” said Christian hero Mel Gibson.

More, in TIME.

(Thanks, Mark.)

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  • Marty


    I am a huge fan of Mel’s movies. Braveheart is re-played in my home a few times a year and now during Lent, I am watching TPOTC as a devotional.

    I think Mel is showing us that Chrsitians can make films many like and also be real person.

    How great is it, that the Liberals in Hollywood, hate that Mle is a success and Christians are not quite sure what to do with him. Makes a good movie, but they don’t want him over for dinner.

  • Jeffrey Overstreet

    You know, Marty, I totally agree with you. I’m not a huge fan of his films, so far, but I do love it when Gibson talks to the press. We need more like him.

    In fact, comments like this just make me chuckle and imagine what those folks who consider Mel Gibson as just a step below Christ on the saint-meter must do to rationalize an excuse for his colorful language.

    Wouldn’t Ted Baehr be forced to qualify Gibson as “ABHORRENT”?

  • Marty

    Good for Mel! What’s un-Christian about that? The F-Bomb is not a word I use but not a curse in the Biblical sense. Mel did not use the Lord’s name in vain.

    I am also happy Mel is not doign a religious film as a follow up to the Passion.

    Way to go Mel!