Nate Bell’s best of 2005

Just as it’s possible to bridge the great divide between the sexes, between black and white, between Republican and Democrat… so we can also take comfort in finding common ground between people from Seattle Pacific University and people from Biola University.

And so, in a spirit of good will and common ground, I give you my Biola friend Nate Bell, and his jaw-droppingly thorough review of the films of 2005.

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  • Nicholas

    This is pretty exciting stuff.

  • Beth

    Hi Jeffrey – Adam Clayton’s conversion happened around the time of ATYCLB, and was kind of an open secret for awhile. In the intial round of promotion for HTDAAB a number of people remarked that Adam seemed to have been delegated the job of being the band member who talked about God, but there was still no formal statement issued. Finally, tho, Bono confirmed it in answer to a question in the recent book “In Conversation,” calling Adam “the most spiritually centered member of the band” now and (paraphrase) “the most watchful over the other sheep in case they stray out of the pen.” Steve Stockman (who had known already, but was following his policy of not publishing anything the band have not said publicly) also included it in the revised edition of “Walk On.” It was in some UK Christian media as well around then (can’t remember where).

    However, that “3 Christians/1 agnostic” thing is so written into the U2 mythos by now (and so convenient for them to let go on, I guess) I don’t think it will ever die.

  • Jeremy L

    Well, Bono kind hints at Adam having a conversion near the end of Bill Flanagan’s book — referring to Adam as a “believer” — but that’s up to interpretation.

  • Jeffrey Overstreet

    Bubba, I love that Onion spoof. I’ve had that on my wall at work for a while now. The looks on their faces in that photo… it’s just perfect.

    Beth, I feel stupid asking, but your note is the first I’ve heard that Adam has professed Christian faith. Where/when did that happen? Has he spoken about this in interviews?

  • Beth

    It seems as if the press is never going to absorb the fact that all 4 of them are now Christians. I sometimes wonder if still getting left off the list amuses Adam Clayton, or annoys him.

  • Bubba

    It’s a shame the rest of the band isn’t as saintly. :-)