Specials: "The Dark Crystal." Proulx-poo. Carell and WHO?

Sunday specials:

Peter Chattaway finally watched The Dark Crystal. And he’s not so sure it’s the “New Age” trip it has been sometimes described to be.

E. Anne Proulx’s account of the Oscars would never be described as “a romp.”

What great actress would you least expect to see paired with Steve Carell in a romantic comedy? How about my favorite actress, Juliette Binoche?

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  • Nicholas

    I have lived with racism my entire life, know what it looks like, and have experienced it in almost all its forms. I think Crash is a lousy film, poorly made (some of the worse use of slow-motion and music I have ever seen and heard), confused about what it wants to say, and naive if not completely blind on the topic of race.
    That said, while reading Ms. Proulx’s article I was quite amused to hear her use the phrase “here was an atmosphere of insufferable self-importance”, cuz it sounds like someone hasn’t even chanced the thought that maybe her film lost, not because it covered a risque topic, but because maybe it really wasn’t very good.

  • Peter T Chattaway

    Hmmm, I wonder if Proulx’s reference to Scientology is a dig at Crash director Paul Haggis?