The New World, and those who admire it religiously

The Village Voice’s J. Hoberman says that The New World is the most beloved film of the last year… not because the most people loved it, but because those who do love it are devoted with the most passionate intensity.

Count me among the passionate. I doubt that I will ever tire of this movie. I’m going to try to catch it a fourth time on the big screen.

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  • Levi

    Ohhh man! Eragon was horrible! It almost reads like a spoof novel. I only made it a few chapters and even that was like pulling teeth.

  • Gene Branaman

    There was so much hype about Eragon a couple years back, it’s writer Paolini being a 16 (or so) year old homeschooler when he wrote & self-published it & it received some great write ups, so I took a chance when Knopf released it. I enjoy light SF & fantasy when I have the time, which is rare. But I couldn’t get very far into it. It reads like it was written by a 16 year old, homeschooled or no. Definitely does not live up to the hype. There should have been a fairly extensive re-write/edit period prior to its release by Knopf. My 15 year old nephew loves it & has read it many times, but he’s at a disadvantage, never having read better literature.

    I’ve promised my nephew I’ll read the book so I’d better finish it, I guess. Hopefully there are some good writers on the film version & they’ve made quite a few improvements. But I’m not holding out much hope.

    I figured we’d see a bunch of really lame fantasy films after Jackson’s LOTR & this may be one of them. An example of H’wood tryin’ to jump on a bandwagon.

    “Come on aboard
    I promise you
    You won’t hurt the horse.
    We treat him well,
    We feed him well.”