Have a JOYOUS Easter!

Notice I didn’t say “Have a Happy Easter.”

Happiness is based on temporal things.

A chocolate egg can make somebody happy, for a while.

Happiness is about feeling good.

Joy… joy is based on something everlasting. It is the sensation of realizing something transcendant and sure, something that lifts us up out of our daily distractions and duties to comprehend something of God’s glory.

If you don’t believe in Christ’s resurrection from the dead, you may find some happiness along the way.

But true joy comes from knowing that, in spite of the evils that we see and do in the world, nothing can separate us from the love of the God who created us.

And when Christ rose from the grave, he proved that not even death can separate us from God’s will. Neither our sins, nor our death… nothing will make his love or his forgiveness stop short.

Who would want to refuse that?

Forgiveness is a gift. It is the greatest gift. But it must be accepted.

Have a Joyous Easter.

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  • RC

    it sounds to me like Christian reviewers are dissing everything out right now…what’s one to see?

    –RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com

  • Barbara

    Why do you think some Christians are raving about this movie? I am curious to know the reason for the phenomenon. As a piece of art, the film is substandard in nearly every category.

    My theory is that Christians see the spiritual references in Shyamalan’s work and then choose to excuse his artistic flaws. The director goes around styling himself a rebel against the critics and traditional Hollywood, but then never really says what he has done as a “rebel.” Is it rebellious to have sloppy story errors in your movie? It is rebellious to cast yourself in movies when you can’t act? Is it rebellious to say obvious things in your films as though they are profound?

    Somebody help me here. How has this fellow so mesmerized so many believers?

  • Nate

    Jeffrey, I wonder if you could elaborate on a sentence from your review:

    “Substandard Shyamalan is still superior to the most engaging films of many familiar directors.”

    Any chance we could get some names?

  • jasdye

    it’s a MIRACLE, jeffrey, a MIRACLE. thank God Almighty for the Revered Honorable Prophet M. Night Shayamalan – may his name forever be praised and rarely misspelled.

  • wngl

    The importance of Easter is renewed for me each year, as I see the resurrection in a brilliant and joyful freshness. It comes home, as if for the first time, that time was shattered at the crucifixion; when Christ rose from the grave, he declared a new covenant of grace with the world. The new world, indeed, was born on Easter! There is no greater joy than to know this!

  • Jeff Miller

    And a joyous Easter to you. He is rise. He is risen indeed, Alleluia!