Newsweek notices T-Bone Burnett

Newsweek earns some integrity points by noticing T-Bone Burnett’s new album, and even doing an interview.

Perhaps surprisingly, Burnett is also going out on tour. “I want to write songs and play them for people—live,” he says. “Because in this age of mechanical reproduction, where we’re able to copy and distribute music on a moment’s notice, the less valuable the copy becomes, and the more valuable the live thing becomes. I’ve really begun to appreciate the extraordinary value of the fleeting live moment.”

Amen to that.

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  • Jeffrey Overstreet

    Thanks, Beth. That was one of my concerns about the new look. Anybody else feel that way?

    It’s inevitable that the site will see other major changes soon. As my novels start to make their way out into the world, the site will become more of a balance between the art I’m reviewing and the art I’m making. Thus, having a bunch of movie stills and album covers right at the top will be strange for those who come to the site to read about “Through a Screen Darkly” or “Auralia’s Colors.” So this is a transitional style, but it’s also a style-in-process, so I’m open to suggestions.

    I’m not much of a Web designer, but I don’t have much of a budget to hire someone, so I need to keep it simple too.

  • BethR

    Hm. I think I liked the sometimes changing favorite movie stills a little better. The new “JO in sweeping panoramic landscape” makes the site seem more “all about you” and less all about looking closer at movies, music and books.

    My .02, FWIW, contributed with best intentions.

  • Michael Knepher

    There was also a mention in yesterday’s Parade magazine, according to my wife. It seemed to highlight his production of Cassandra Wilson’s new album.

  • mike duran

    Burnett’s, The Criminal Under My Own Hat, is still one of my favorite albums.