Scott Cairns: Attending to the presence of God

A poet whose work is as nourishing to me as any art I’ve encountered–Scott Cairns–is being featured in the Columbia Missourian.

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  • M. Cruz

    Out of all I’ve read and heard on this terrible incident – from both Christian and non-Christian sources – you are the first person who has said we need to be praying for this man.

    Thank you.

  • Gene Branaman

    Very well-stated, Jeffrey. Amen!

  • Thom

    Actually, that second one was a rather on the nose exploration of Sean Hannity.

  • The Cubicle Reverend

    I found the above at an atheist web site and at the huffington post. You should hear a lot of the interesting “insight” into this matter. Are we going to have an either/or back and forth on this?

  • Anonymous

    He has a new book that is available starting today, Compass of Affection. Great writer, great person.