Scott Derrickson to direct John Milton’s "Paradise Lost"

Yes, you read that right.

Variety is reporting that the director of The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Scott Derrickson (who occasionally stops by here with some comments), is going to direct the big screen version of John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost.

The questions are rushing to my brain so fast I hardly know where to begin. Who…? How…? What will they…?

Here’s hoping he invites his good friend Wim Wenders along as a technical advisor. After all, Wenders has worked with angels before….

(Many thanks to the vigilant Peter T. Chattaway, who, despite being the new father of twins, finds the time to come up with amazing stories.)

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  • Susan B

    I enjoyed your recap of the opening of The Glen, but I have one correction for you. No cheese at the wine and cheese reception! I put on my evaluation to please charge me $5 more next year and get some CHEESE!

  • eucharisto

    Actually, we did discuss mutual aquaintances/friendships, and had a fun discussion about both of our connections with your family, and about my connection to both of you, and etc. Good stuff!
    And BTW (to Jeffery), nice pics!

  • Eriol

    My Dad used to work with the Clarksons, so we know them very well. Joel has a couple of his own blogs, but he also wirtes at one where foolishknight and myself blog. Did he tell you about that?

  • Joel Buursma

    Oops — I meant Pilgrim’s Progress. Nevermind.

  • Joel Buursma

    Wow — what an age we are living in, that these treasures of Christianity can be made into major movies! I hope we are making the most of it.

    Here’s a thought — Paradise Lost is an allegory. As a story, it reads stiltingly at times (well, much of the time), but that’s not the point. The theological profundity is the point. For a movie, the narrative cannot be stilted, right? But, in order for there to be any point to making the film, the theological profundity has to come through, right? Interesting problem.

    Looking forward to it, and the conversations it will generate.