For Malick-philes only…

If you love The New World and are curious about the differences between the theatrical version and the cut that was shown to Oscar voters before the release, The House Next Door has posted a description of the differences.

They are not nearly as drastic as I was led to believe.

But neither one of these represent the special edition cut that is rumored to be in the works.

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  • drew johnson

    I am sure you know that it was already done in 1949 and won 3 oscars. Great Film. Looks like Hollywood is running so slim on original ideas it is remaking previous award winners now. Let’s just hope this works better than it did with The Manchurian Candidate.

  • Jeffrey Overstreet

    I feel like we should compose a group letter of gratitude to Terrence Malick.

    I’m thrilled to know you loved it, Luke.

  • lbrodine

    man, Jeff, I can’t believe I had to wait this long to see The New World, but last night we finally got our copy from Netflix. As the credits rolled to the sound of wind, there was a hush in our living room that I seldom if ever feel. I have never seen such a masterpiece on every level. And for once, a film has out shone the hype and anticipation that I have felt over the last few months, waiting to see it.

    no matter which version it is, I hope New Line does the right thing and does some sort of a re-release in theaters (that’s the only way a film house in South Carolina would show it); until then, I’ll have to sit really close to my TV to experience its size.