Worried about Wolverine: Is X3 any good?

I won’t have time to return to moviegoing for another week or two, due to deadlines, but I’m sure looking forward to getting back into a theater.

But alas, it sounds like the summer blockbusters are a disappointing lot. I’d been looking forward to X-Men: The Last Stand, but I feared it would end up being a case of effects over story, action over character development. According to these reviews, it sounds like my fears have been realized.

Of course, I should be going to the amazing lineup at the Seattle International Film Festival. New stuff from Gondry, Ozon, Hou… but to tell you the truth, as anxious as I am to see these, the last few years have made me weary of those long, annoying lines and the overpriced tickets. The last few times I’ve attended the fest, I’ve regretted it, and wished I’d waited for the DVD.

Anybody here seen X3 yet? Were you impressed? Disappointed?

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  • Greg Marquez

    Went to see it last night. The theater was pretty full, fullest I’ve seen since LOTR. All six of us went, 47, 43,15,7,5,3. Everybody seemed to enjoy it. I liked it. LIked X2 better though. Some stuff was a little off. They move the golden gate bridge to use it as a bridge to Alcatraz. Isn’t the Golden Gate a suspension bridge. The cables hold up the roadway. No cables no roadway. Whatever. Not enough of the main characters. It was kind of short. Wolverine probably doesn’t have 40 lines. All in all though it was fun. Everyone sat sill for the whole movie. Nice time had by all.

  • wngl

    Maybe the new title should be:
    “X3: The Last Straw”

  • wngl

    After giving it some thought, I believe I am going to skip X3 in the theatres and wait to rent it. The more I see the previews and read criticism of the film, the more I’m convinced that it sucks.
    As an Xmen fan from my youth -and a fan of the Singer films- this time around looks like an aberration.
    Anyhow, I never liked Wolverine as a character. Hugh Jackman is an “uncanny” choice for the role; he’s perfect. But the movie version of the character is, in the wonderfully succinct words of Michael Rew, a “Freddy Kreuger pretty boy.” I’ve never seen a Nightmare on Elm St film in the theatres; why should I pay money to see this one?

  • Michael Rew

    Wolverine is just a Freddy Krueger pretty boy.

  • Adam Walter

    I really wanted to see the new Gondry film at SIFF too, but it’s a “special event” with $40 tickets. Sorry, but no film’s that “special” to me.

  • wngl

    We do get a new word out of X3 reviews: “mutancy”.