"Serenity" is Flying Back Into Theaters

Thanks to Josh Hurst for noting the return of Mal, River, Wash, and Zoe

The cult television sci-fi series “Firefly” may be gone, but its fans won’t budge. Their rallying cry led to last year’s “Serenity” hitting the big screen and will continue to keep the space adventures alive later this month when the flick is screened all over the world to benefit the favorite charity of creator Joss Whedon. Dubbed “Serenity Now/Equality Now,” the event will screen “Serenity” in 40 cities in five countries on three continents. The shows will take place from June 22-24, and proceeds will benefit Equality Now, an organization supporting the protection and rights of women around the world. The date also coincides with the 41st birthday of Whedon, who is currently developing a “Wonder Woman” feature film. For more information, visit CantStopTheSerenity.com.

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  • jasdye

    and why the cheesy ‘serenity now’?

    ok, i’m lying, i still think that’s funny, all these years later.

    abortion advocacy, on the other hand…

  • Tom Harmon

    This is very unfortunate. Equality Now advocates for abortion. I love Serenity and Firefly. I’m angry that Whedon has chosen to support such a group with the franchise.