Somebody Lose a Book of Psalms?

Did anybody lose a book of psalms?

This wood have been, oh, about 1200 years ago…

CNN’s reporting a construction worker’s discovery of a medieval book of psalms in a bog somewhere in Ireland.

You never know what you’ll find under those layers of peat in your backyard….

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  • Ellen Collison

    have you tried the “shuffle albums” setting? Nicer for long periods of listening, etc.

    I’m not crazy about shuffling all the contents of my iPod, but you can also do it by genre tag, and that gets pretty interesting.

    Also, Last fm ( more than gives Pandora a run for its money. (And has a far larger library.)

  • Sara Z.

    You know, I never get tired of that Gorillaz song. It’s deadly catchy.

  • Stuart B

    Just wait until you switch songs between “An Cat Dubh” and “Into the Heart.” You can’t listen to one without the other…

  • David McElroy

    You might be interested in this page on Apple’s support site which tells how to publish your own iMix directly to your web page or blog. That might be more useful to you than requiring people to go to another site, plus the process is automated from iTunes.

  • FritzPhoto

    Speaking of making your own radio station, that plays what you like, and introduces you to other songs that you might like, check out

  • jasdye

    wow. yeah.

    “innocence lost” and “river of love” definitely take me back (i’m not sure i own a cd copy of I Predict 1990 anymore and i know i don’t have The Turning.

    really, i miss cassettes and making those mixtapes in jr. high.

    “keep your distance”, i think, was the song covered by Solomon Burke in his country album, which i’m also liking and is getting some play on my iPod.

    so are some singles from Gorrilaz, including “Feel Good, Inc.”

  • Michael Rew

    The book was open to Psalm 83, which is appropriate, even prophetic, considering what is happening to Israel right now.

  • RC

    who knows all the crazy places years from now they will find bibles.

    –RC of

  • jasdye

    well, i HAVE lost a few bibles recently…

  • Anonymous

    So that is where I left it those many years ago. Must have droped out of my pocket while I was doing my Salmon Leap. Seriously, this is pretty cool. Amazing that it wasn’t destroyed by the backhoe.