So, I’m sitting here preparing for my interview, jotting down some notes, and look what crawls out from under the couch!

I love New Mexico!

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  • Bubba

    While I understand the sentimental appeal of Wendell Berry, I do not and perhaps never will share in the appreciation of his writing beyond its starting conversations about conservation and migration.

    I believe that, along perhaps with Berry himself, too many of his followers overemphasize the food we eat and the place in which we’re born. That overemphasis runs counter to Christ’s teaching that what we eat does not defile us and counter to Paul’s example of traveling the world to spread the Gospel, and in emphasizing diet and tradition, it reminds me more of the Judaism that preceded Christ than the Christianity that has followed.

  • RC


  • M. Cruz

    I’ll be happy to catch it for you! I love snakes, as long as they’re not poisonous, of course.

    If it was a bug or a CENTIPEDE? Forget it. I’d be crying in terror like a five year old.

  • eucharisto

    Aha! so you caught it. What kind is it?

  • Jim Sanders

    Where’s Samuel L. Jackson when you need him? :)

  • Sara Z.

    I guess that explains why you don’t have any mice this year!

  • Silus Grok

    Baby corn snake?

  • levi

    That is like the most disturbing thing…