More on U2’s New Material

Josh Hurst just discovered more on the current activities of U2 at, well, atU2.

The other new song is “Windows in the Skies.” With soaring strings and a haunting piano melody, the tune is remarkably different to the stadium rock sound of their recent smash hit album, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. It is huge but in a very different way and for a very different reason; Bono is learning to play piano.

“I think that’s going to be our biggest song in a long time. It’s a psychedelic pop song with 6/8 timing, you never hear that. It’s very, very rare,” he says.

“I’ve been taking piano lessons with my kids and every time I took a lesson, I wrote a song. I had eight lessons and I had eight songs.

“They (his bandmates) were all like ‘He’ll never have any songs this time’ and in I bring eight. Whoa! Of course, they have much improved it.”


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  • M. Cruz

    Any particular reason why my comments aren’t showing up?

  • Seth

    Jeff i was hoping by reading this that I would find some good podcast, I am dissappointed that there seem to be 4

  • Marty


    I would suggest two good Catholic Radio shows and hosts. Al Kresta at Ave Maria Radio is a very goo dserious interviewer. The second, is Lino Rulli’s show on the Catholic Channel carried by Sirius. It’s a fun show.


  • Josh

    I second the suggestion of Mars Hill Audio journal. I’d also suggest that you consider Hugh Hewitt. Though his show is usually quite political in nature, he also devotes a substantial amount of time to discussing issues of faith and culture and often interviews various academics about literary and historical topics.

  • Stejahen

    The Kindling’s Muse is excellent just for all the people it interviews (,

    then there is St Anne’s Pub (

    and Mars Hill Audio Journal ( which is excellent ( and they have a podcast here

    Any of these three would most likely interview you.

  • Joel
  • Jim

    check out this podcast: The Daily Breakfast with Father Roderick. He is a hip, young, Catholic priest from the Netherlands that is into all things cultural. He just had a two part series reviewing his new Wii. He loves movies!!

  • Gene Branaman

    I’m Catholic so I listen to Catholic radio & podcasts quite a bit.

    Catholic Answers Live is a great show & allows listeners to call in with questions. It would be fascinating to hear you on CAL, Jeffrey! They have Steven Greydanus on every 2 or 3 months to discuss movies, so the subject isn’t unknown to them – in fact, not many subjects are!

    Al Kresta & Teresa Tomeo have shows on Ave Maria Radio out of Michigan that touch on many different subjects with arts & culture issues being frequent topics. Both have been in broadcasting for quite a number of years & their shows are excellent & always stimulating. Your book seems to be right up their alley, IMO.

    All have web presences & come right up when Googled. I hope I hear you on these shows! Best of luck & God’s blessings in your efforts to promote Through a Screen Darkly!

  • Anonymous

    No question that my favorite is the Kindlings Muse Podcast. It makes me laugh, makes me think, and it’s good for sharing with nonbelievers who want to discuss God. Seeker friendly, if you must use the jargon. Dick Staub is all about the “journey” and seems open-minded without being open-ditch blind.

  • Bryan

    paste podcast — relevant podcast (though relevant is kinda corny sometimes — and dissed Serenity on opening day as a geek movie — if you go on with them, you should listen to that podcast and give them crap about it)

  • Nate Loucks

    I’ll echo Jason’s comments and say that the Relevant podcast is top notch.

    The catalyst podcast is pretty good as well but it’s geared more for pastors.

  • Scott

    seems like In The Studio with Michael card would be a perfect fit. The intersection of faith and creativity is one of the main themes of his show. It’s on the Moody radio network, but I get it online at


  • Stephen

    Jeffrey, I would try contacting Brant Hansen ( He is a DJ for WayFM in Florida, and I think he might do this kind of interview.

  • Jason

    Right now I only listen to a few. I don’t know a whole lot of them, to be honest. I listen to the Relevant podcast, which I find to be tremendously funny.

    And while this is not a Christian podcast per se, I consider it faith-relevant – Keeping in Faith, hosted by Krista Tippett. I believe it’s an American Public Radio podcast.

    I also listen to some Mars Hill (Rob Bell) podcasted sermons.

    And now my iPod is in the shop, so I am hurtin’.

  • JohnH

    Apparently KROQ played the song a couple of times yesterday, and now the mp3 is available online (recorded from the radio). I think U2Log has a link.

    It’s good… definitely not what I expected, but their new songs never are. It’s upbeat and definitely unique compared to what’s on the radio right now.

  • jasdye

    Jeffrey, you’re consistently a great blogger and critic. You constantly inspire me to the best that my Creator’s given me and to look at the world through critical (but not judgemental) eyes – looking for that which is beautiful, lovely, of good report and delicious. In many ways, your blog is a glimpse of heaven on earth.

    Just thought I should share.


  • Stuart B

    Bono is just being Bono. Nobody expected Sweetest Thing to be popular, and yet it was a huge hit.

    Plus, I’m still waiting for that “monster” and “dragon” album that Bono keeps on promising…