Questions for the writer of "The Nativity Story"?

I’ll be interviewing Mike Rich, screenwriter of Finding Forrester, The Rookie, Radio, and The Nativity Story, this afternoon.

The guy’s being interviewed by all kinds of religious press publications. I’m sure he’s heard some questions a hundred time.

So I’m sitting here listing questions that he might not have heward. I’m curious… what would YOU ask him? What do you want to know about The Nativity Story and how it was made?

[UPDATE: Thanks to those who emailed questions to me. The interview went very well, and will be published on the website for Response Magazine in a couple of weeks. Mike Rich is one of the most eloquent artists I’ve ever interviewed. I could probably publish the transcript with very few alterations, if I wished. Stay tuned…]

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  • RFD

    Hello Everyone,

    I’m new to this blog. The songs by Sam are superb It is closer to Fan Dance in that there are more complex arrangements for the songs.

    She just kills me

    When is this CD coming out??? Anybody know????



  • sg

    The first is called “Signal” and the second “Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us”.

    Good songs. Reminds me of Fan Dance for some reason.

  • david

    Looks like a second track is also available by clicking the forward button on the controls.

  • Curtis

    Ahhh, nice. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Todd

    Wow. The strings absolutely make that tune.

  • Matt Page

    Darn it. I missed this post, which is a shame cos I had a beauty of a question I hoped I would be able to ask…