Firefly is back. (Sort of.)

With each passing week, it continues to blow my mind that there is nobody out there able to talk sense into a television network and organize the return of Joss Whedon’s Firefly.

The fans have made valiant efforts. The cast has expressed enthusiasm and love and longing to return to the project. Joss Whedon has sacrificed so much of himself to make this ship fly. The feature film, Serenity, is already scheduled to return as a midnight movie here in Seattle. And yet… nothing.

It’s just so sad.

But now, for Firefly fans who also enjoy playing games, Mal and the gang are back online.

(Thanks to Trent for the alert!)

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  • Tim Frankovich

    um… It doesn’t blow my mind. It’s extremely obvious why no TV producer will bring back Firefly. There’s two reasons:

    1. Firefly’s low ratings.
    2. Serenity’s low box office.

    That’s it. Regardless of how devoted the fans are, or how good the product is… if it doesn’t make money, it doesn’t get done. :(