Indiewire Critics Rate the Best of 2006

Indiewire Critics Rate the Best of 2006 December 21, 2006

Thanks to Doug Cummings for posting this link.

It represents the votes of a long list of writers, many of whom would be on my list of the best film critics working today.

And the list itself is amazing, including so many great titles that will go overlooked by the Academy and other more commercial endeavors.

If you need a “Must-See” list of the most sophisticated, artful, provocative cinema 2006, you couldn’t do much better than this. I’ll be using this as my viewing guide for the next couple of months, tracking down the titles I haven’t seen yet (marked in blue).

1 The Death of Mr. Lazarescu
2 L’Enfant
3 The Departed
4 Inland Empire
5 Army of Shadows
6 Three Times
7 Old Joy
8 United 93
9 Children of Men
10 Half Nelson
11 The Queen
12 Climates
13 A Scanner Darkly
14 Pan’s Labyrinth
15 Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
16 A Prairie Home Companion
17 Volver
18 Battle in Heaven
19 Letters From Iwo Jima
20 Mutual Appreciation


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  • Ryan Hartsock

    I’m hoping for Uwe Boll.

  • Tompaul

    When I first saw how smoothly the epic yet episodic “Fellowship of the Ring” flowed under PJ’s direction, I thought, “That’s exactly how ‘Dawn Treader’ needs to go.” Whoever directs it needs to know how to keep things moving while still leaving plenty of room to breathe and take it all in.

  • a m hildebrandt

    “Maybe by then Peter Jackson will be available …”


  • Anonymous

    *sporfle* Levi, that’s like the greatest play on words/names ever :)

  • Marc

    Maybe by then Peter Jackson will be available …

    Completely Unrelated:
    A sales circular for Family Christian Stores was in my mailbox yesterday and it had “Through a Screen Darkly” listed. You’re national!

  • Gene Branaman

    OK, I should say he’s been “rumored” to be the director. So . . . maybe, maybe not.

  • Gene Branaman

    IMDB’s saying it’s Neil Burger who did The Illusionist last year.

    Interesting choice.

  • Levi Nunnink

    So long as it’s not Christopher Columbus, I’m good.

  • Nick

    Although I think the experience of watching a film in a movie theater is ideal, I have a hunch that many of these films would play just as well on home video. And with the rise of Internet-giants such as NetFlix, with the prospect of downloading movies in the near future a genuine possibility, I would think that these films would find renewed life there. It’s not like they’re going away. And when an obscure title like “The Death of Dr. Lazaleau[sp?]” comes into town around August, who’s to tell that it would be so highly revered at the end of the year? Nobody has a crystal ball, especially when highly anticipated films such as “All the King’s Men,” “Bobby” and “Running w/Scissors” dissapoint. Besides, some of the digital films play far better on the small screen.

    The major studios and movie theater companies are not interested in cinephiles. They are interested in lowest common denominator entertainment. At any other time in history, this would be a tragedy. But because of the easy Internet access to such films and the rise of home theater systems, there is no further need to complain. It’s a new paradigm, get used to it.