Specials: Gondry’s astonishing feet; the great Bob Newhart lives

Is this two-minute video the greatest feet of Michel “Eternal Sunshine” Gondry’s career?
You decide!! (And no, that wasn’t a typo in my headline.)

The great Bob Newhart lives on
I depend on Mark Shea’s blog for insight on many things. But I also depend on him to alert me to profound moments in contemporary philosophy… like this rare glimpse of the great Bob Newhart:


Shea says:

Most People Don’t Think of Bob Newhart as a Catholic Theologian

But you could hardly ask for a more insightful commentary on Romans 7, the insufficiency of the law to save us from the bondage of original sin, and the weakness of stoic philosophy than this…


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  • Adam Walter

    Well, I’m glad that at least one Brit made it onto the list, but there should have been more. Somehow there is this idea floating around that only American actors have trouble with accents. But many Brits are laughable when they attempt American accents. You know the type of thing I’m talking about… where they chew up the dialogue like a demon-possessed cowboy or a mentally-challenged mutant nerd from Brooklyn. Take Kenneth Branagh in Dead Again (check it out here). However, he’d much improved his accent 7 years later when he appeared in The Gingerbread Man. Even my beloved Paul Scofield had a tough time with this in A Delicate Balance.

  • Mark

    I love that you love Newhart. One of the comic giants of our time.