“The Nativity Story”: Your Reviews

Since snow and ice have kept me from the Seattle press screenings of The Nativity Story, chances are you will see the movie before I do. (I’m going to try to catch a Saturday or Sunday matinee.)

If you see it, tell us what you think of it. The reviews in the mainstream press are wide-ranging, from ridicule to raves. I know at least one Seattle church has rented out a whole theater for an early screening tonight. Is your church planning anything?

Post your review in the Comments below. I’m looking forward to your impressions.


  • Steven D. Greydanus at Decent Films says THIS.
  • Peter T. Chattaway at Christianity Today Movies says THIS.
  • Mainstream reviews are archived at Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes, as usual.

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  • Gene Branaman

    Jeffrey, you usually mention these things so you might not know that Steven Greydanus’ reveiw is up at Decent Films, too.


    I’ll be seeing it over the weekend. I’m taking my Mom ‘cos she’s so cool. ;)

  • Matt Page

    Since you asked, My review is up, and our church is doing a screening. It’s partly cos our venue doubled booked us so we had to cancel our previous Christmas event.