“New World” Dialogue

There’s a wonderful, insightful conversation here between two thoughtful moviegoers about The New World, and why it’s such a special film. This podcast is almost a year old, but I really enjoyed it. Worth the time… especially for the section about who they’d like to watch interact with Terrence Malick in a bowling alley.

Also… did you catch the reference to Badlands in The New World? They point it out here. I hadn’t thought of that before. (But I haven’t seen Badlands for ages.)

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  • Elizabeth

    Ooh, look–longer UK trailer looks kinda better. I’m there, in any case.

  • opus

    I sincerely hope that Stardust turns out wonderful. It’s my favorite Neil Gaiman novel, even though it’s probably not his best. I just find it so easy and enjoyable.

    I read Harry’s review, and I’m glad he too was disappointed in the trailer and yet ultimately won over by the film. The trailer looks bad, frankly, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought so.

  • Gene Branaman

    “Also… did you catch the reference to Badlands in The New World?”

    Great. Another movie to add to my Netflix queue! And I’m behind as it is.

    But I love stuff like this. Like when songwriters reference older songs of theirs – Joni Mitchell has done this a bit. It’s really cool. And it give an insight to the themes the artist is most interested in. Way too cool.

  • Peter T Chattaway

    FWIW, the last time I saw The New World, it was one day after re-visiting Days of Heaven, and I was struck by how the plates of armour that Colin Farrell wears at the beginning of TNW are rather similar to the plates of the grasshoppers’ exoskeletons that we see in such vivid close-up in DoH. Don’t know that we should read anything into that, but still, hey.