"Auralia’s Colors" … pre-order!

Imagine my surprise when someone alerted me to the fact that you can pre-order my novel, Auralia’s Colors, at this Random House website!

What a week. The first box of copies of Through a Screen Darkly will arrive mid-week on my doorstep, and in bookstores on February 5th. I’ve just seen a draft of the cover art for Auralia’s Colors. And now, we have a definite release date and a pre-order page for that book as well. My head is spinning.

Happy New Year, indeed!

Meanwhile, I’m buried in some fine-tuning work on Auralia’s Colors, preparing this week’s Film Forum, and seeing one more film… Old Joy… before posting my Top 25 of 2006.

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  • Catherine

    I rarely post comments – but this made me think of my own teenage years. First concert for me was ‘Straight Ahead’ tour – with that giant stop light on stage. I think Michael W. Smith was on tour with her. I saw her on my 18th birthday. Wow! I’m about to buy “The Collection” on CD – just for “I’m Gonna Fly”. There are few songs that can make me feel like I can do anything – and that’s in the top 10! Thanks for the memories!

  • Julie

    Jeffrey, I think my parents had that couch, too.

  • Adam Walter

    The only piece of contemporary music in the ceremony when I got married was Grant’s “Doubly Good to You” (sung in our wedding by a man, a vocalist/pianist). I think Straight Ahead was the first album I bought with my own $, and “Doubly Good” is still one of the most heart-wrenching songs I know.

    (Love the picture!)

  • Jeffrey Overstreet

    I agree. I still listen to Lead Me On. Some really strong songwriting on there. “Wait for the Healing” is the best thing she ever recorded, and if I remember right, that track was only included in some editions of the album.

  • Neil E. Das

    Jeffrey, I just did a post on Amy Grant, specifically on how great an album Lead Me On is. There is some real honesty in the lyrics, and, in my non-expert opinion, the music is pretty good too. That is a great picture, by the way.

  • Dan "Loppy Boy" Do

    “There’s never been a ‘Baby, Baby’ ring tone. Imagine how popular that could be.”

    Imagine how fast I would ‘silence’ it..

  • Paul J.

    First of all, props for posting that picture! I don’t know if I’d have the courage to expose my teenage self on the web. ;-)
    I have the “Unguarded” tour booklet framed in my music room, with the autograph – “Paul, thanks for coming out to dance! Much love, Amy”. (we danced together during her encore at a show we opened in Oklahoma City). Big fun, lots of memories…