Lynch, God, Termites

I just had to chuckle over this abrupt shift from one question to the next in The Stranger‘s interview with David Lynch

The ideas of good and evil as portrayed in your movies lead me to ask if you believe in God.

For sure. But… I do, but it’s probably not a man on a throne.

My 9-year-old read me this from a magazine yesterday, and I thought of you—the fact that the weight of all the termites in the world is heavier than all the humans. But you never see them, they’re under the surface.

That’s Blue Velvet, right there. Wow, a good fact to know!

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  • Mo

    Amen. I’ll be passing this along, and looking for info. to contact the paper about it.

  • Neil E. Das

    This almost makes me want to become Catholic.

    Seriously, though, I do believe that the beliefs of these justices in this area, which in my opinion are excellently compatible with granting civil rights to all from a secular or natural law perspective, did inform their decisions here, as should have the the faiths of the Protestant and Jewish justices as well if these faiths had perserved the doctrines on which they were founded.

    I hope that this is not too incendiary a statement.

  • M. Leary