My Top 25 Favorite Films of 2006, with Special Guests

This year I decided to do something different to celebrate my top 25 films.

You can check it out here.

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  • Gina

    It is a horrible title, isn’t it?

    I saw a sneak preview of this a couple months ago. The writing isn’t great and the performances are uneven (some good, some bad), but John Schneider was great — and in all honesty, he’s the main reason I went. :-) So it has that going for it, anyway.

  • Stephen

    Well done! Many of my favorites are here and I’ll be looking up on DVD the ones here I didn’t get to see.

    I hope you get to see “Volver” soon. I saw it this weekend and it instantly vaulted into my top 3 or 4 films of 2006, and this is coming from someone who hasn’t been a fan of Almodovar. But this is a lovely, gentle movie.

  • Tim

    I don’t think anyone is surprised by your first choice, Jeffrey. :)

    I am a bit surprised (and pleased, actually) by your second choice, though.

    Interesting list. There’s a lot of those I haven’t see (didn’t get to the theater a lot in 2006), and a lot that I may never see. But there’s definitely a few there that I’m watching for the DVDs.