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"Auralia’s Colors" … pre-order!

Imagine my surprise when someone alerted me to the fact that you can pre-order my novel, Auralia's Colors, at this Random House website!What a week. The first box of copies of Through a Screen Darkly will arrive mid-week on my doorstep, and in bookstores on February 5th. I've just seen a draft of the cover art for Auralia's Colors. And now, we have a definite release date and a pre-order page for that book as well. My head is spinning. … [Read more...]

“Children of Men”: Literary sabotage, or award-winning adaptation?

The debate continues:Did the screenwriters for Children of Men take a novel written by a Christian, which offered a profoundly Christian vision of human depravity and redemption, and turn it into an attack on Christianity?Or were they just interested in taking P.D. James' premise and exploiting it for their own purposes? … [Read more...]

Nightmares Abolished! The Cover Art Will Rule.

For years, I have browsed the fantasy literature section of bookstores, and cringed at how many book covers display appallingly bad art.So much fantasy art is cheesy, ridiculously lurid, painfully derivative, and preoccupied with violent spectacles.All along the way, I've prayed: "Lord, if you ever bless me with the publication of a store, please, please, please... save me from a bad book cover." And I've had nightmares about what I would do if the book had a cover that misrepresented … [Read more...]

Vote now in CT’s readers’ poll: Best Movies of 2006!

Just so you know, Christianity Today gives positive reviews to wicked movies like Pan's Labyrinth. At least, that's what this letter writer says on the … [Read more...]

New Innocence Mission Album Details

from FMQB: On March 20, Badman Recording Co. will release We Walked In Song, the ninth studio recording from The Innocence Mission. The 11 tracks were recorded and mixed by Don Peris at his home studio in Lancaster with his wife Karen on vocals, guitars, pump and Hammond organs and piano. Don Peris handles backing vocals, guitars, drums and Hammond organ, and Mike Bitts is on upright and electric bass. The band plans on touring the East Coast in the spring. What about the West Coast? We miss … [Read more...]

Review flashback: “Watership Down”

2014 Update: Oh how I wish someone would re-release Watership Down on Region 1 blu-ray in a format that captures the vivid beauty of the theatrical release. The current American DVDs show that they were produced from a worn and faded print. Attention, lords of the Criterion Collection! Save this timeless, exemplary work!-Before you choose Martin Rosen's animated feature Watership Down as a movie-time babysitter for your kids, please note: This is not Finding Nemo. … [Read more...]

Hobbit Trouble Continues

Somebody needs to send Peter Jackson and New Line's head guy Robert Shaye to marriage counseling: In an interview with, Shaye says that, "Not that I don't think Peter is a good filmmaker and that he hasn't contributed significantly to filmography and made three very good movies. And I don't even expect him to say 'thank you' for having me make it happen and having New Line make it happen. But to think that I, as a functionary in [a] company that has been around for a long time, but is … [Read more...]

You Can Count On Me (2000)

2007 Update: It's been a few years since I've seen this 2000 film, and yet I remember moments from it so vividly. Terry and the boy taking a nature walk. The reverend informing Sammy that fornication is a sin. Sammy's office confrontation with the boss. And yet, I wonder... what has become of Ken Lonergan, who wrote such a delicate, heartfelt screenplay? He was a co-writer on Gangs of New York, and then what?Turning to the IMDB, I learn that he's written and directed a drama called Margaret, … [Read more...]

Join us for the "Through a Screen Darkly" release party.

SATURDAY, FEB. 24, 7:30 PMWHAT? It's time to celebrate! Come and share one of the most exciting evenings of my life... the Through a Screen Darkly book release party. … [Read more...]

Jonathan Mardukas in the House

This photo of my cat, Mardukas, is featured as the "Pet Photo of the Week" in Seattle Pacific University's faculty/staff newsletter this week. And the fact of the matter is, quite simply, that he is the most handsome cat on the planet.He looks like a black cat, but he isn't — he has white fur that is tipped with black. I named him after Jonathan Mardukas, a white-collar criminal played by Charles Grodin in the film Midnight Run. … [Read more...]