“Shut Up and Sing”: Opus Cheers for the Chicks.

Yet another friend of mine, Jason Morehead, is raving about Shut Up and Sing!

I think it would be too easy to simply focus on the “free speech” angle of the film, though that is certainly an important one, especially in this day and age of a presidency that has seen fit to take elaborate measures to censure free speech. The film should ultimately be celebrated as a testament to such American values as love, friendship, family, and loyalty as much as a testament to free speech. Both highly entertaining and highly moving, Shut Up & Sing is a documentary worth seeing, even if you don’t give one whit about country music.

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  • Victor

    One thing I’ve wondered about. The movie was called THE DIXIE CHICKS: SHUT UP AND SING when I saw it at Toronto (here’s my review). But for its US release, it’s been SHUT UP AND SING.

    I guess they’re still “box office poison.”

  • Adam Walter

    And isn’t it an exercise of free speech to tell someone: Shut up and sing! Heck, it’s even an exercise of free speech to be a real jerk and tell someone they aren’t a patriot.

  • Marty

    This is what I meant the few times I have posted about magazines like Paste and others, in music that have a liberal bias.

    Christian or not you have to be liberal. Would Paste or other hip leading edge journal liked the chicks a few years ago??? Of course not, they don’t like country music because hicks are too conservative and they claim the music is bad.

    I am not a Bush supporter and I am also against the war in Iraq but when has Bush censored free speech? The fans of the chicks censored them using their free speech.

    BTW.. I subscribe to Paste and don’t mean to pick on them because I have learned about so many great artits from Paste including OTR.
    as a conservative and not an Ideologue I don’t care of the don’t agree with me on politics.


  • Anonymous

    Can Mr. Morehead cite some examples as to the “elaborate measures” this presidency has undergone to censor free speech?