Auralia’s Cover!

I am so excited to show this to you.

I’m sitting here on the coast of Whidbey Island putting the finishing touches on a story I’ve been writing since 1996. It’s my favorite place in the world to write, here with the wind, the water, eight deer grazing just across the lawn, and two bald eagles wheeling about overhead and chattering to each other.

And what should pop up in my email while I’m as happy as can be?

I want to thank artist Kristopher Orr and the people at WaterBrook. They’ve given me a more beautiful cover design than I’d ever dreamed possible for my first novel, Auralia’s Colors (which you can pre-order at Amazon.)


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  • Julio

    Nice! Congratulations on a great cover and actually completing an impressive task! Best of luck with the publishing end!


  • Tim

    Congratulations! Great-looking cover! I’m really, really looking forward to reading this again (and reviewing it… heheheh…).

  • Leslie Foster

    That’s gorgeous, i can’t wait until I can get myself a copy.

  • Levi Nunnink

    Wow – pretty darn good.

  • Anonymous

    wow, i would definitely start reading if i saw that on the shelf. Congratulations!!

  • Gene Branaman

    Jeffrey, that looks fabulous! What you’ve mentioned of the book so far has me intrigued & (even though we are not to judge a book by its cover) this image has me even more so!

    I can’t wait!


  • Mike Harris Stone

    Wow! Congratulations! What a beautiful sky! I love the mood the image captures and the way it reflects the mood of the book. (And I remember that scene from your manuscript.) I’m looking forward to slipping into the rich world of “the expanse” again soon!

    Happy writing!