Philip Yancey Recovering After a Roll-Over Car Accident

Some of you may already know this, but I learned a few days ago that Philip Yancey, an author whose work has had a great influence in my life and in the lives of countless Christians around the world, was injured in a roll-over car accident.

I received an update from his assistant today about his condition.

Thanks so much for your kind concern for Philip. There must have been an extra squadron of angels in Philip’s car that day, because miraculously he has a very clean break on the C3 vertebra that wil most likely heal on its own and will require no surgery. He has no paralysis or any permanent damage whatsoever. He is restricted in a neckbrace for about 10 weeks, and his activities are somewhat narrowed, but he should be just fine and even return to downhill skiing and mountain climbing next year.

We’re all thankful that he will be okay, and appreciate your inquiring after him.

Then she pointed me to his website, where I found that he has written about the accident… here. (Go to the “News” section.)
If you haven’t discovered Yancey before, I highly recommend you make time to read his new book Prayer (my current bedtime reading), What’s So Amazing About Grace?, and other memorable meditations like The Bible Jesus Read, The Jesus I Never Knew, Where is God When It Hurts?, and Searching for an Invisible God.
And oh… yeah… pray for his quick and complete recovery!

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  • I’m torn about this. The Indy Trilogy is on my all time favorites list and I’m not sure I want to see an aging Indy.

    I don’t want a movie full of trick backs during a fight and bifocals before a punch is thrown.

    However, if anyone can still bring it, it’s Harrison Ford and he could elevate it past anything like that.

    Okay, or maybe I’m totally over reacting here! I’ll still go see it.

  • Marc

    Thanks for the link. He has an interesting site design. Besides the Tour Accident, the Tour Report is also a good read. I hope to order his new book on prayer soon.

    Raymond: I’ve read “What’s So Amazing About Grace” and would recommend that to start out with. I borrowed a copy from the library and maybe you can too. Christians sometimes get so wrapped up in theology/works we forget about God’s simple gift of grace and how it should permeate our lives.

  • raymond

    Wow, what an amazing person. I read his letter, and could feel God bursting off my computer screen. He is blessed in so many more ways than just being alive after that accident. I think I am going to have to grab one of his books and get more pieces of his mind. Fascinating!

  • Sheila West

    Good grief! A broken spinal colum bone in the C’s!

    God bless that man!